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Learning a Spatio-Temporal Embedding for
Video Instance Segmentation

Anthony Hu   Alex Kendall   Roberto Cipolla

University of Cambridge, UK

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We present a novel embedding approach for video instance segmentation. Our method learns a spatio-temporal embedding integrating cues from appearance, motion, and geometry; a 3D causal convolutional network models motion, and a monocular self-supervised depth loss models geometry. In this embedding space, video-pixels of the same instance are clustered together while being separated from other instances, to naturally track instances over time without any complex post-processing. Our network runs in real-time as our architecture is entirely causal – we do not incorporate information from future frames, contrary to previous methods. We show that our model can accurately track and segment instances, even with occlusions and missed detections, advancing the state-of-the-art on the KITTI Multi-Object and Tracking Dataset.